Custom Built PC’s – For Home and Office

Custom PC

We build solutions for: 

Gaming, Custom applications, Editing, Graphic Design, Media player and Office computing.

These we categorize into 3:

1. Everyday Desktops – These computers require bare minimum specifications and are fine for home users who are interested in typing documents or want to just surf the Internet. Usually students fall in this category.

2. Performance Desktops -These computers are ideal for businesses, having higher specifications and can handle more advanced software programs.

3. Heavy usage computers – These computers are best for gaming, media and editing. They require lots of memory, good video cards and big hard drives.


Want to buy a new PC but can’t quite find what you are looking for?

The hardest choice when buying a branded computer is choosing the one which most suits your needs. Those that look good may lack on performance, while those offering high performance may not be as good looking.

At Cartridge World we have come up with the perfect solution to your problem with Custom built PC’s- For Home and Office allowing you to create the pc of your dreams. Choose from a whole range of different case styles, sizes, and colors to compliment your interior design and achieve a “desired look”. Plus, you tell our experienced technicians your requirements and they will customize and tailor a PC which is just right for you. Whether you're on a tight budget, or simply want the very best performance on the market right now, you can rely on Cartridge World technicians to guide you with your choices and build a custom PC with performance, reliability, and value for money in mind.


  • Specifications chosen by you: Our PCs are fully customizable and are tailored to meet individual needs
  • Extended support: Our post-service technicians help you install or change components in your PC
  • Save More Money: On a custom PC you save money because you only pay for the components you desire
  • Upgrading: We can upgrade a custom build PC with ease
  • Performance: By handpicking your components you’ll end up with a faster computer than selecting a standard OEM built which use somewhat inferior components to keep the costs down

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Consider six benefits of having Cartridge World build a custom-built computer for you:


1.     The main benefit is that you can save money

Branded computers are usually equipped with the name brand parts that are only attractive to the users because of their recognition. People are comfortable in buying something that they have heard of before. However, there are many high-quality computer parts from the world-renowned manufacturers that the public may not have heard of before. All these parts deliver same kind of performance as provided by the parts in branded computers. You can get a fully loaded custom built computer with high quality parts at the fraction of the cost of branded PC.

 2. Design according to your own specifications.

You have the complete freedom to integrate whatever you want in your PC, such as motherboard, CPU, memory, hard disk, video card, sound card, cabinet, speakers, monitor and so on. This also allows you to create a computer that fits your budget and meets all your requirements as well. By customizing your computer, you can control the way you spend your money. For instance, if you want to add a big hard drive in your PC, but do not need high end graphic card, then it is possible to build your computer this way by instructing you custom computer builder about this.

3. You know exactly what is there inside your machine.

Choose the parts and even specify the brand of components in your custom pc. Compare that to branded computer manufactures add generic no-name computer parts in the PC, and then charge you hundreds of euros for nothing but their brand name. Even after paying an exorbitant amount, you don’t necessarily get top end hardware that is currently on the market. In custom built computers, you won’t have to pay for any pre-installed software that you don’t need. There are many free alternatives of many expensive software programs and you can easily save hundreds this way.

4. Get a better Warranty

Most of the branded computers do come with warranty, but usually repair or replacement is dreadfully slow particularly in Cyprus from main dealers. Aside from that, their warranty becomes void if you fail to use your computer as per their guidelines. Their warranty becomes void even if you open the computer case or touch any of their parts. However, this is not so in the case of custom built PC’s. Each of their part has separate one-year warranty so you have complete satisfaction that each part of your machine is backed by full warranty that won’t become void if you open your computer case!

5. Expandability is important

 Custom built computers can save you lots of money in the long run due to their expandability. You can upgrade old hardware that you want to replace, while keeping the serviceable components. This extends the life of your computer by years. This is not so with the branded computers as you won’t get parts that can fit into them, so you will have to live with your old computer or buy a new machine.

6. Performance & Reliability 

Reputable system builders like Cartridge World Cyprus and super builders like our technician Ioannis C. check and test each part of the computer extensively. This individual attention applied to each part while assembling a computer ensures that custom built PC comes to you with the highest possible quality. Custom built computers will work much better with the latest software applications and gaming.

What our customers say ...

Savvas Zeidan

Ygia Polyclinic

Very reliable company and we can depend on them for whatever we need. Excellent products.


GRS Global Recruitment Solutions

We have used Cartridge World’s services for numerous years.  Their service is reliable & fast and the staff are very professional.  We would highly recommend their services.

Marleen and Marcos

Zambartas Wineries

We always get our ink cartridges from you and I have to say your personnel is very friendly and helpful!



Xenia Agathocleous

Salamis Tours Ltd.

Value for money, Great Service, Very professional staff. Your help is invaluable