Our stores are closed due to Gvt. Instruction until April 13th or later in line with instruction.
WE CONTINUE to offer ONLINE ORDERING WITH DELIVERY to home and businesses.

Custom Built PC’s – For Home and Office

Custom PC

We build solutions for: 

Gaming, Custom applications, Editing, Graphic Design, Media player and Office computing.

These we categorize into 3:

1. Everyday Desktops – These computers require bare minimum specifications and are fine for home users who are interested in typing documents or want to just surf the Internet. Usually students fall in this category.

2. Performance Desktops -These computers are ideal for businesses, having higher specifications and can handle more advanced software programs.

3. Heavy usage computers – These computers are best for gaming, media and editing. They require lots of memory, good video cards and big hard drives.


Want to buy a new PC but can’t quite find what you are looking for?

The hardest choice when buying a branded computer is choosing the one which most suits your needs. Those that look good may lack on performance, while those offering high performance may not be as good looking.

At Cartridge World we have come up with the perfect solution to your problem with Custom built PC’s- For Home and Office allowing you to create the pc of your dreams. Choose from a whole range of different case styles, sizes, and colors to compliment your interior design and achieve a “desired look”. Plus, you tell our experienced technicians your requirements and they will customize and tailor a PC which is just right for you. Whether you're on a tight budget, or simply want the very best performance on the market right now, you can rely on Cartridge World technicians to guide you with your choices and build a custom PC with performance, reliability, and value for money in mind.


  • Specifications chosen by you: Our PCs are fully customizable and are tailored to meet individual needs
  • Extended support: Our post-service technicians help you install or change components in your PC
  • Save More Money: On a custom PC you save money because you only pay for the components you desire
  • Upgrading: We can upgrade a custom build PC with ease
  • Performance: By handpicking your components you’ll end up with a faster computer than selecting a standard OEM built which use somewhat inferior components to keep the costs down

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What our business customers say ...

Joy Johnson

Free Flight Dance Studio

I would like to thank Cartridge World for sorting Free Flight Dance Studio's laptop. Without your excellent technicians and service I wouldn't have survived. 

Ken McDowall

Logos School of English Education

May I take the opportunity to say how very satisfied we are with the service we receive from CW and look forward to continuing our association with your company. 

Marleen and Marcos

Zambartas Wineries

We always get our ink cartridges from you and I have to say your personnel is very friendly and helpful!

Katerina Constantinou

N.P. Lanitis Ltd

Thank you Cartridge World for 15 years of cooperation and excellent service….. very dependable, accommodating and competitive!