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Helping the Environment

Helping the environment

Empty Cartridge Recycling

Cartridge World Cyprus are licensed from the Ministry of Environment to collect and export for re-use. We actively encourage all customers to return their empty ink and toners to us. We award all our business customers per-year with an Environmental Certificate - Savings in Co2 Carbon Emissions (greenhouse gases) and pollution in Landfill on all printer cartridges purchased (and returned for recycling) that can be used for ISO14001 reporting.

We will issue your company with an Annual Report of the number of empty-cartridges exchanged, which will be used to inform the Ministry of Environment. THIS IS A FREE SERVICE subject to terms: FREE if cartridges supplied by us. A charge applies if the waste collected is not re-usable. Check our Pricelist


Go Green with Cartridge World

Cartridge World operates in an environmentally responsible manner for future generations. Cartridge World Cyprus has championed the cause for protecting the environment since our start in 2002 in Cyprus (and as a Global franchise since 1988). We set out to make a difference, offering a saving in money to the consumer as well as a most environmentally friendly reuse of materials. We have prevented nearly a half a million cartridges from going into Cyprus landfill. Some of the plastics used to manufacture ink and toner cartridges can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, leaving more than enough time for their toxic chemicals to spread into the soil and pollute the environment.

Our own brand CW-replacement printer cartridges are Eco-friendly remanufactured, refilled or compatible. Businesses significantly reduce their carbon footprint by opting for remanufactured toner cartridges.

We promote the return for reuse of ink cartridges via a brilliantly easy TAP Recycling Program®. A Freepost Bag is attached to the new product encouraging consumers to RECYCLE their used inkjet cartridges to Save the Cypriot environment by saying NO to landfill! 

We promote REUSE through Refurbished Hardware and have for 10 years promoted ‘Open Box’ refurbished (circular and eco-sustainable hardware). We also reduce impact on the environment by promoting REPAIR and employ Technicians in all stores to repair Printers and Computers giving them a second-life.

Our Recyclable mentality extended to the re-use of cardboard packaging also. We are proud to have only given away PAPER-bags (not plastic-bags) since 2002 further reducing the environmental impact on our planet. 

The need for FOCUS and ACTION to avoid Climate Change is NOW. We stand for and promote a Circular Economy, Sustainability and Reuse!

Let us Save the Planet Together!

Download CW Environmental Policy


Disposal of end-of-life IT Equipment - WEEE

We want to encourage the proper waste-management of end of life printers according to EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) guidelines via Green Dot in Cyprus. We are happy to receive and dispose of Printers Laptops and Desktop Computers from our customers.