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We offer 2 leading brands of 3D Printing solutions at Cartridge World Cyprus:

Polaroid & Colido

Our range comprises 3D Pens and 3D Printer models of all sizes and specifications
to satisfy children to adults, hobbyists, businesses to teachers needing a classroom education resource.

We can supply a range of filaments such as ABS, PLA and Wood. Our knowledgeable technicians can offer advice
on the optional models to find the right one for you.

They can also offer servicing and support and advice on filaments to use.





We have added some helpful links that will get you started quickly.
You can find FREE 3D Print files for download, Stencils and more...




• Who would use a 3D printer?
  • SCHOOLS are increasingly interested to teach their pupils (All schools in China have recently introduced 3D printing to their curriculum)
  • Hobbyists: Make objects at home, replace-repair broken parts etc.
  • Children… Parents encouraging children to experiment. Note: Pens have a low entry level price.
  • Businesses, are slowly finding reasons for having a 3D Printer.
• Can I can buy it cheaper online?
  • We are pleased to say that we are as competitive in Cyprus as elsewhere. We have matched the Amazon price + delivery to CY. So actually; there is little in it. When comparing do consider additional charges i.e. VAT, Customs duties etc. AND importantly how you will be covered under warranty?
• Why buy it from Cartridge World?
  • There IS a distinct advantage of buying locally through us, and that is: most-importantly the local warranty and support we can provide. In case you have difficulties with nozzles etc. we are there to assist you.
• What can go wrong on a 3D Printer?
  • The most common issue can be with nozzles. It is important to avoid a blockage by following the manufacturer's instructions of use. Our technicians have the power in some cases to unblock them, but you should bear in mind that at some point they might need replacing.


Why Polaroid?

  • Auto calibration of the print bed
  • Large build volume and print quality
  • Polaroid Prep Software
  • Multi-Colour Printing

Why Colido?

  • Easily remove printouts
  • Higher Quality, Bigger size
  • Magical Materials
  • Home and Professional Use



Watch the videos to learn more about 3D Pens, 3D Printers and their uses in education, business and home.

Cartridge World Cyprus offer a range 3D Printers to satisfy a range of budgets and print sizes
starting from €249 from Colido and Polaroid.

Printers are imported to order with a lead time of approximately 7-10 business days.

We have in stock 3D Pens from €39.95, Polaroid Fast Play, Polaroid Root Play and Colido 3D pen.



In this section we share videos, tutorials and FAQ's to do with Polaroid and Colido 3D printing.
Watch the videos and learn from the experts and explore the endless possibilities of 3D Printing.

Drawing Around Corners
Drawing Simple Sections Faster
Using the Pen on Various Surfaces
Creating Hats
Drawing Vertically
Changing the Filament Colour
Drawing flower
Drawing Strawberry
Christmas Sleigh Ride
3D vase decoration - 3D
Colido 3D Printer DIY Assembly
How to print with a CoLiDo 3D



There are many ways to get started with 3D printing.
To catch your imagination we have assembled images and helpful software for you.

You can get printable 3D designs from the 3D Printable object sharing platform Myminifactory or subscribe to Dibuprint3D software.
With 3D pens you can trace a 3D object straight from your screen by using the Polaroid screen protector included
when you purchase a Polaroid Fast Play 3D Pen and Polaroid Root Play 3D pen.


you don't have a 3d printer yet ?

Purchase your 3D Printer today from Cartridge World Cyprus.
Buy with confidence Colido and Polaroid 3D Printer and Filament from www.cwcyprus.com.

Our Technicians are on hand in your area to offer support.

Polaroid & Colido