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Position A: Website Administration, Digital Media & Marketing internship

Working with our website you will be exposed to Wordpress and Woo Commerce applications, as we continue to make our website stand-OUT in a crowded marketplace. You will learn to optimise content and pages for better SEO ranking, and will work to keep our product portfolio fresh as per our suppliers avilability. Maintaining our product catalogue via our ERP software, liaison with suppliers by telephone to obtain latest information, researching images and videos for use on the website.

Your assignment will include, Digital Marketing, utilising Facebook, Insta, Google my Business etc for communication and engagement with our brand. If you have Graphic Design or coding skills we will find ways to use them! You will liaise with our Digital Media Agency and generate your own ideas and innovate to promote our Goods and Services to best effect, creating 'top-of-mind' brand recall. You will perform various independent tasks related to Analytics, SEO-website performance, Google My Business, Re-posting, Photos, Trustpilot Reviews, Message interaction and You Tube. 

 The goal will be to collaborate within our team and produce a media calendar for the month ahead, with a mixture of engaging and product posts. *You may also help develop 'create' post designs (consistent with our brand guidelines), the text and # that accompanies each. Then in Meta business suite you will apply targeting and boost budget. You can be creative to source tips, appropriate humour, and date relevant days of interest in order to theme posts. You will evaluate audience reach and modify appropriately to grow our audience over time.

You will research Google keywords, assist us by category to understand what people are searching for and assist in our website SEO effectiveness. You will also be exposed to our website administration procedures, and other marketing devices such as flyer creation and email marketing.

You will be expected to be flexible and curious to assist in other tasks relating to our business and volunteer as needs arise. There is scope for wider responsibilities and learning exposure.

Candidates can expect to receive instruction training in each of the areas assigned. Each candidate is assigned a supervisor: The go-to person to train and support, and evaluate work performance.


Position B:  Graphic Design, Web, Marketing for Business Internship

This is an exciting time to join us, to get involved as we re-imagine our website, its banners, videos, and design. We are exploring AI too and you can too.

Are you looking to put your creativity and experience in graphic design software to the test in a work environment? Then consider a 6-month practical internship in Cyprus with us. You will add your creative flair and eye for design to several areas that require constant attention in a busy business. There are always demands upon a business to produce instore promotional point of sales material, e-marketing newsletters, adding creative input into our eLearning material, getting creative with website banners and landing page content. Knowledge of html coding for e-newsletter is ideal. Each month we put together a Social Media content Calendar and develop content that relates to our brand image as well as communicates products and services effectively.  Gain experience as you work alongside and interact with our Digital Agency. Furthermore in 2023 as we transition our website to WordPress format you will gain lots of experience.

The candidate will be a confident individual with interest in owning this project, to work under supervision but in a self-reliant way to interpret the brief, and then to work to produce new content. You will enjoy the challenge of taking a brief and adding your own expression. Computer literate, proficient user of Photoshop, Canva, Illustrator or other graphic design programs. html an advantage.

If you have interests in photography, video production, editing we can expand the scope to suit. 


Position C:  Artificial Intelligence and Video for business marketing 

We seek an individual who is passionate and knowledgeable about emerging technology with the ability to research and then implement solutions to help guide us to the best fit for our needs. We see the potential of AI in areas that may help give our business a competitive advantage.

This is an exciting time to join us, we have many projects underway and with the emergence of Artificial intelligence applications for business. Not limited to AI, this role will give exposure to and opportunity for involvement in our website upgrade project that is currently underway. We are looking towards video as a more modern and interactive communication method, from which to share information about our company's products and services. Do you have the skills to assist in the creation of these videos using AI marketing tools?

Are you looking to put your skills and experience to the test in a work environment? Then consider a 6-month practical internship in Cyprus with us. 

The candidate will be a confident individual with interest in owning this project, to work under supervision but in a self-reliant way to interpret the brief, and then to work to produce new content. You will enjoy the challenge of taking a brief and adding your own expression. Computer literate, proficient user of Photoshop, Canva, Illustrator or other graphic design programs. If you have interests in photography, video production, editing that is ideal. Additional knowledge of coding is an advantage. 


Position D: Introduction to Business - Sales, Administration, Marketing internship

Gain transferable skills and knowledge in this hands-on business opportunity. These will include Administration, Stock control, Purchasing, Merchandising, Customer Service, Telephone interaction, Product Knowledge, Sales, and Marketing. Immerse yourself in the entire product life cycle and customer journey taking place in a business i.e. online orders, b2c walk-in customers, b2b sales and servicing, product ordering, receipt of goods, deliveries etc.  

The experience will expose you to teamwork, individual assignments, and customer interaction. You will learn to use office systems like our ERP system and become practiced in business administration. In a fast-paced business, there will be much variety and demands upon your time, and you will acquire knowledge in many areas. You will receive training and guidance at all stages, including modules in our eLearning and Learning management System software. As you progress you will have the opportunity to create content to the eLearning system.  

We will try to tailor work experience to include areas of interest to the candidate.

Candidates should have Fluency in English, with Greek or Russian language an added benefit and be studying at Degree level. 


Position E; Business Administration Internship - Accounting & Finance

Are you wanting to gain practical experience in the workplace? Are you curious about the administration that is necessary behind every business? Do you want to gain transferrable knowledge and skills that will make you conversant and rounded in business practice?

We are offering the opportunity for a bright, eager individual to work alongside our team in the execution of computerised accounting and administration tasks. Ideally you will have studded Accounting or Finance and be keen to aquire exposure to administative processes.

Every day, in every business, actions are taken to record sales, banking, expense accounting entries, purchase invoice that led to active stock balances, and hundreds of other tasks that fall under the effective administration of a vibrant and growing business. You will be trained in and exposed to our cloud computer-based Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

2023 will be an exciting period of change for our company as we invest in digital enhancements to automate and improve efficiency in work practices. You will participate in our eLearning digital training and contribute to the creation of more lessons to ensure its completeness for future internship training. You will take responsibility for the execution of daily duties, in a variety of challenges, that will build your confidence and knowledge. 


Position F: IT Technician –Printers/copiers/PCs

You will work alongside one of our experienced technicians providing a high level of customer service within a busy retail store, then spend time on fault-analysis and rectification in the repair of printers, computers and laptops. Your role will involve serving customers, multi-retail related tasks and administration including maintaining standards in-store. This role is a great introduction to life in business and you will gain many transferable skills.

Candidates can expect to receive instruction training in each of the areas assigned. You will possess some history of repair and a good understanding of PC diagnosis and upgrade. The candidate will gain many transferrable skills and experience of working in our company. We will try to tailor the experience so the candidate gets exposure in other areas of their interest.

Are you passionate about computers and IT support? As we are expanding our printing and Managed Print Services (MPS) programs we are expected to provide printer repair and maintenance services to ensure our clients’ printing needs are met efficiently. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to showcase your expertise in PC and laptop repairs, as well as custom-built PCs. You will have the opportunity for diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware and Software issues, installing and configuring operating systems, and performing upgrades to ensure optimal performance for our clients’ devices.

You will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and make a significant impact on our clients’ business operations.


ABOUT our Internships

At Cartridge World Cyprus our interns work on projects that matter. You will receive training and support and be exposed to real business operations. Bring your ideas, energy and personality to our workplace and gain practical experience and transferable skills.

What is it?

An internship consists of an exchange of services for experience between a student and our organization. Students can use the period to acquire a recommendation letter and add the experience to their CV. Some interns might be offered paid employment upon satisfactory completion of the internship.


All internships are for a 6-month period.


We prefer a 6-month period with 2 intakes per year, although shorter periods will be considered upon merit.


Candidates need to demonstrate a commitment to development, academic success, and personal achievement to date.


Although this is not a job offer, FOR A 6 MONTH INTERNSHIP ONLY a monthly allowance of 250.00 euros is paid at the end of each month to cover a candidates’ expenses. Shorter internships are unpaid due to the cost to us of training and supervision.

Coaching & Mentoring

Buddy: Each candidate is assigned a ‘’buddy’’ to help them settle in and to better understand the expectations and challenges.

Supervisor: The go-to person to train and support and evaluate work performance.

Mentor: The Director offers his experience to help guide the intern to their next step. 


Following training you will receive ongoing feedback as output is received. At mid-point in the internship there will be a more detailed discussion and opportunity to steer the content of the remaining period. At the end candidates are asked to submit a report on their learning experience.

To apply;

Send your CV and covering letter explaining what experience you are seeking and why this might be the opportunity for you. To


About Us:

Cartridge World is a Global Franchise with ‘Green Values’ at the heart of our business. We were the first in our sector to champion the cause for protecting the environment when we launched 20 years ago. As the experts in printing and Computer services for homes and business we provide a range of products and services which offer money savings to our customers whilst promoting a circular economy, sustainability and reuse.

Cartridge World Cyprus prides itself on its team spirit. We are a friendly group of trained and competent individuals all working to provide exceptional good service to our customers. All members of staff hold positions of responsibility and together we make our company special. We believe in reward for productivity and our team strives for continuous improvement.

Cartridge World is specializing in printers and high-quality, cost-effective and environmentally friendly printer cartridges. In Cyprus since 2002, we have a multi faceted business that comprises; six retail outlets in all major towns, E-shop, technical repair of computers and printers, print consultancy and sales to business.

Some of the traits we look for in our employees;

Passion and extensive knowledge in technology. 
Willingness to learn and adapt to new practices
A can-do attitude to achieving high and exacting standards
Strong interpersonal skills with ability to engage and build strong customer relationships
We have positions in Shop Management, Technical Repair and Support, and Professional Sales to Business customers.

To apply for a position please send your CV and cover letter in English to


Cartridge World Careers
Cartridge World Careers