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At Cartridge World we take the RELIABILITY of our cartridges very seriously. 


Watch the video of our ink remanufacture process:

A Cartridge World branded cartridge offers equal quality to an original brand at approximately half the price. It will print at least the same page yield as the original (and often contain more ink to give even greater value).

We ensure the Ink inside is specific to the printer type so the performance of the printer is unaffected.

With all cartridges we are careful not to infringe the patents of the original equipment manufacturer. We apply new micro chips to give full functionality to every c/r we can. Our CW cartridges are factory produced to exacting specifications in order to give high performance and reliability from start to finish.

There are two types of ink cartridge: Newly made ''compatible'' ink-tank cartridges and ''refilled'' print-head cartridges. It is perceived that with a refilled product there is a higher chance of a non-recognition issue so all our cartridges are electrically tested, and to limit this exposure we fit new ink level chips (to HP 301/302/650/652 models). The steps taken in our factory ensure a fully cleaned and remanufactured printhead cartridge. We achieve an industry-leading 98% satisfaction on our refilled products and a 99.5% satisfaction on ink-tanks.

On toner cartridges, we continue our record of 99.5% satisfaction (established over 15 years in Cyprus). Our cartridges are now mostly imported direct in CW boxes, having been professionally remanufactured or built from scratch. Each has toner that is matched to the printer specifications and has high quality parts and micro chips replaced so that consistent performance can be achieved each time. Yields are the same as the Original.



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Robert Beeks, Remedica

"I would recommend their services to anyone who cares about the environment while simultaneously saving money..."

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