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  • Build Volume: 225mm L x 225mm W x 280mm H
  • Print precision: ±0.1mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Print Speed: 30~180mm/s(60mm/s is recommanded)
  • Support filaments: PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: 5°C~40°C
  • Operational Nozzle Temperature: 260°
  • Operational Hot Bed Temperature: 100°
  • Slicing Software: Cura
  • Input Formats: STL, OBJ
  • Output Formats: Gcode
  • Connection mode: TF Card, USD Wire
  • Input voltage: 100-120V/200-240V
  • Output voltage: 24V
  • Machine size: 475 x 455 x 515mm
  • Machine weight: 8.1kg

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More information

  • Printing size: 225 x 225 x 280mm, the popular printing size in the market, suitable for most users needs.
  • Proximal double-gear extruder, extrusion elasticity can be adjusted, and reduction gear box, 3 times amplification of the extrusion motor torque, these can reduce the nozzle clogging, as well as to avoid the problem of extruder jumping teeth, more uniform discharge of supplies, higher printing accuracy compatible with more kinds of printing supplies, for example: flexible supplies TPU, etc.
  • The throat is made of titanium alloy to enhance heat dissipation and reduce nozzle clogging.
  • PEI magnetic suction platform, no shovel knife, The model will come off automatically after the platform cools down, better user experience.
  • Automatic leveling function, using non-contact, high-precision sensors to automatically achieve print platform data collection, reducing tedious and complex leveling operations and improving the success rate of printing.
  • Magnetic integrated 4.3 capacitive display, which can be operated handheld or fixed on the stand, making it more convenient and free.
  • V-wheel transmission: V-wheel is processed by high-quality POM material, which has the advantages of ultra-quiet, high precision, and wear resistance. Also, the machine drive mechanism is equipped with an eccentric isolation column, which can compensate for the decline in printing accuracy caused by long-term printing wear V wheel.
  • Advanced brand power supply: to ensure print security and low failure.
  • High temperature hot bed: 250W power hot bed, can be quickly heated to 100 ℃, to meet the temperature needs of different materials.
  • Silent printing: the whole machine adopts silent drive, more reasonable nozzle heat dissipation, reduce fan noise, no noise printing.
  • Support for free switching between multiple languages: the machine supports simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German and Japanese.
  • Integrated design of the body: unique shape design, the machine is gantry structure, plastic material shell, the machine is light and safe, beautiful.
  • Broken material detection and missing material alarm: avoid the machine still operating after the consumables are used up, which causes material waste and models error. Printing can be continued after adding new materials.
  • Power outage renewed: to avoid the printing models being scrapped due to power failure, and can continue to print after the power supply is restored.
  • X-axis and Y-axis belts are equipped with loosening and tightening adjustment devices, which can be used to adjust by hand-tightening nuts to improve printing accuracy.
  • Dual-side model cooling fan, comprehensive cooling for the model to enhance the printing effect.
  • Fan intelligent control: after printing is completed, all fans stop working. Extend the life of the fan, solve the noise problem, but also save electricity and environmental protection.
  • The top is equipped with a lighting LED strip, which can be switched on and off by button operation in the screen, convenient to observe the model printing in the environment of insufficient light.
  • Print model preview function, you can preview the model image before choosing the model, and you can observe the printing progress at any time during the printing process.
  • Z-axis double screw + double motor design, compared with single Z-axis screw motor, which will be smoother, the model is not easy to fall off after power failure, and higher printing accuracy.
  • Expandable functions: Prepared with consumables dryer power DC plug, can be connected to the consumables dryer.